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Services by bus in Spain run over 180 destinations that are served by an excellent bus network, in a maximum trip time of 12 hours. There are a legion of corporations operating buses and coachs over the 16,000 kilometres of motorways to be found throughout the country.

All of Spanish provinces are connected to Madrid, where you can find two principal bus stations (Estación del Sur and Avenida de América) providing services to a large number of cities. Of course Barcelona also has excellent connections with the rest of the country. Its main stations are Sants and Paseo de Gracia.

Many cities offer airport connection services by bus.

Use our search engine for information on rates, timetables, routes of the different companies. You can reserve in advance your ticket and get discounts for your journey.

The train system is so goog and fast, but it's expensive. Take the bus if you have the time and want to save money. Additionally, there are many more departure times for buses than RENFE trains. Traveling by bus is one of the best ways to discover the unrivaled landscapes that Spain has to offer you.

Buses work great to fill in when train schedules are sparse or nonexistent. Bus tickets can usually be purchased a day or two in advance, and often that same day. The exceptions might be major holidays.

Consider booking first class for ultimate comfort, as Spain has some first class buses that are practically like airplane cabins. Most offer reclining leather seats, extra legroom, wireless internet, power sockets, screens to watch movies, air conditioning and also something to snack on and complimentary beverages. Some bus companies in Spain, such as, offer first-class tickets on "supra" coaches.

There are few places in Spain where buses don't go. Numerous companies provide bus services, from local routes between villages to fast intercity connections. Intercity buses are clean and safe, making them a perfect option for all travelers, not just those on a budget.

For many routes, especially those spanning shorter distances, securing a spot on one of Spain's many buses is a given. Tickets for long trips and highly-trafficked routes, can require booking at least a day ahead. This is especially true during the peak summer months.

A hardest part about using Spanish bus services is trying to solve which company to use and where its bus station is (easy in small towns, but a challenge in big cities, where the terminals could be far away).

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